Geological Evaluation for
Oil & Gas Development

~Petroleum Systems Analysis~

Understanding petroleum systems is very important for effective development of oil and natural gas. JGI has developed a series of software packages for petroleum system analysis, which includes BSS (Basin Study System), GEOPET (Geological Simulation for Petroleum Generation and Migration), IVTSST (Inversion of Tissot’s Generation Model), GDI (Geology Driven Integration Tool), SEACAP (Seal Capacity Evaluation Tool). Using the above software, we conduct a wide range of Geological Consulting Work all over the world.

~Geochemical Basin Modeling~

BSS is handy one dimensional basin modeling tool that provides information on the timing and the amount of oil/gas generation and migration in a multi-dimension domain. IVTSST extracts appropriate geochemical parameters through Kerogen Characterization form geological data.

Classification of source rock


Oil/gas generation curve


Distribution of oil/gas expulsion volume

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~Reservoir Evaluation~

Volume transformation for Vertical estimation


Estimated result

GDI calculates the distribution of rock properties such as porosity, gross thickness of reservoir, and net pay thickness from seismic attributes. It applies highly sophisticated algorithms based on Monte Carlo Simulation and Artificial Neural Networks to relate seismic attributes to rock properties.

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~Seal Evaluation~

SEACAP has a specialized calculation algorithm for estimation top seal capacity based on JGI’s original EGS (Equivalent Grain Size) method, which evaluates the types of trap i.e., oil prone or gas prone. Furthermore it calculates the ratio of oil and gas column heights in the case of mixed trap.

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